My Experience with Upwork 👍

My Experience with Upwork in a time where we have to work from home (Thanks COVID-19 !)

Previously I posted about my new side-project Tube. You can see it in action with its Public Demo.

I needed some UI/UX work done to improve the really shitty Upload screen I created, which whilst worked just kind of sucks on Mobile especially.

I created a a job and within a few minutes I got a proposal from Darko who in about a day of elapsed time and ~5-6 hours of work/effort put up two PRs #2 and #1

Job done! 🎉

I paid Darko and also paid a bonus because the work was done quickly with a high level of professionalism and quality. I was quite pleased with the result and now the new UI/UX is now available at:

Enjoy! 😀

James Mills @prologic