A response to the world on COVID-19

I may as well say something about this madness that is COVID-19. People around the world that are panicking right now need to stop. Stop it! The numbers do not warrant this level of panic worldwide. I just doesn’t. Calm the fuck down.

For the rest of you that are complacent, obvious, apathetic and otherwise just not listening or paying attention. Wake up! If you want our politicians and governments to take away our freedoms and our rights you’d better start waking up and smell the roses. Stop being stupid about this. Don’t get into a Bus, Train, Boat or Plane. Don’t go to Shopping Malls. Don’t think you’re immune just because the numbers are low for young people. Stay home until this is over. Don’t make this into a forced issue. If you value your freedoms and rights as a human being on this god forsaken planet, Stay the fuck home!.

Let’s all let this stupid ass virus die a swift death and move on with our lives.

But most importantly of all:

Keep Calm and Storm on!

James Mills @prologic