Tube -- a Youtube-like self-hosted Video Sharing Platform

Tube is a great new way to share videos with your friends and family!

A few weekends ago I started on a new project. I call it Tube. I created it for my wife who needed a way to take videos with her iPhone and easily process and share them. This mean it had to do a few things:

  • Automatically Transcode
  • Upload from iPhone/Desktop
  • Share via links

And so was born. This is the public demo instance I run on my infrastructure, you may use this freely for whatever purpose you like for small videos.

However like all my Self-Hosted Apps you are encouraged to spin this up somewhere on your own server(s) or a Raspberry Pi or even just your local PC/Mac if you want!

It a time where we are forced to live in isolation from each other with our movements restricted (really we should all be self-isolating on our own free will); it has never been more important to have a diversified set of tools and platforms to share moments of laughter, joy, happiness and anything else live throws at us.

Please Enjoy! And don’t hesitate to reach out to me for any support, feature requests or bugs! You can file Github Issues on the Project Page or you may email me at prologic dot shortcircuit dot net dot au

James Mills @prologic