ANN: is now live! Join the new self-hosted, decentralised privacy focused social media network!

πŸŽ‰ ANN: is now live!

Hey all! πŸ‘‹ Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the developers, @antonio, @dooven and @shazweb πŸ€—

We now have a 1-click fully hosted and managed offering for Pods just like the one you see over at

Now just in case you’re wondering; YES these are sophisticated Web Interfaces and multi-user clients for the twtxt specification and feeds are in fact regular UNIX text/plain files.

And no, we are NOT turning twtxt into a “centralised thing, quite the contrary. As of this announcement we are opening up the creation of new Pods to new Pod Owners/operators that want their own space. This is FREE (as in beer 🍻) for the time being and this in β€œinvite-only” for early adopters.

At a later stage we will offer these fully-managed hosted pods for as (hopefully) as little as $1.99 USD/month.

Join today!

James Mills @prologic