yarnd v0.13 - Aluminium Amarok

Today we announced release v0.13.0 of the Yarn.social backend yarnd that now powers a network of 15 pods around the globe.

You can find the release here:

Yarn/Twtxt (Yarn.social is based on Twtxt) continues to grow steadily every day, and every month or so we see a new independent Pod (what we call instances) come online! 🥳

We are now entering an exciting phase of the project where we will “freeze” the project for a while while we focus on improvements to documentation, relicensing, improved builtin pages, entering the Vultr marketplace and deployment and operator guides.

If you’ve ever wished there was an alternative to Twitter™ (maybe you’re tired of giving up your privacy?) or Mastodon™ (maybe you’ve tried and found it too hard?) then come check out Yarn.social 🤗

James Mills @prologic